Precise industrial light engineering device technology...Assembly department

In modern and well maintained rooms with comprehensive equipment we manufacture sophisticated components and devices in individual and serial assembly and with highly qualified personnel. If required, also with inspection protocol.


We process smaller orders and series at 12 individual workplaces, larger series on 2 row workplaces.


Cable confectionPrecision mechanical work (pressing, staking, joining, riveting, punching, bending, compression, beading) is a matter of course for us, just as well as electro-pneumatic wobble rivets. Cleaning occurs with ultrasound or submersion baths.

We assemble cables, establish crimp connections manually or mechanically and connect peices with modern soldering technology.
Component mounting occurs on ESD-safe workplaces, we process pasty materials with pneumatic dosage devices.
If required, we perform pressure and leakage tests. Inert gas and noble gas fillings are carried out with special equipment.
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