Parts Production

Most modern technology and technical skills...

With our extensive machine fleet we produce individual pieces from almost all machinable materials:

Material semis- Steel,
- Stainless steel,
- Aluminium,
- Titan,
- Copper,
- Brass,
- Bronze,
- Plastic.

If required, with prior sampling and measurement protocols.


We cut and separate flat material up to 220x180mm, round material up to Ø 220 mm. We cut miters up to 120 mm side length, circular sawings can be performed up to a thickness of up to 20 mm.


CNC flame cutting with oxy-fuel and plasma technology CNC burn cutting with autogenous and plasma technology are carried out by partners. The material can be up to 300 mm thick.



We drill vertically from Ø 0.3 mm to Ø 70 mm, horizontally up to Ø 400 mm and 700 mm length. Coordinate holes are carried out up to Ø 180 mm in the coordinates up to X Y Z 1100x700x700 mm. We tap threads from M1 upwards.


CNC lathingWith our CNC lathing machine, we can process wrought material up to Ø 600 mm and 1000 mm length, conventional lathing is possible up to Ø 800 mm and 4000 mm length. Revolver lathing can be processed for material up to Ø 25 mm and 100 mm length.



CNC milling centerCNC milling on processing centres (horizontally and vertically) is possible to up to 1500x580x1000mm, CNC milling up to 600x500x500mm, conventional milling up to 800x400x400mm.




We grind flat up to a size of 1000x350 mm, round up to Ø 600 mm and 1500 mm length, threads up to M 300 and 400 mm length, tools up to Ø 300 mm. Wire cutting is possible to a piece size of 180x300x120 mm.


We use electric resistance welding as well as gas and energy beam welding. We weld bolts up to M6 and Ø 7 mm. Soft and hard soldering work is carried out according to various processes.

Plate processing

We cut plates with a thickness of 0.1 to 8 mm and a length of up to 2500 mm, edges up to 180 kN and 1000 mm length. We punch holes up to 280 kN and notches up to 60 kN chamfering up to 3x45 °.


We carry out template engraving with a script height as of 3 mm, CNC labelling occurs in almost any form.

Test and measurement

Test and measurementWe measure with a video and PC-based measurement microscope (3D coordinates - measuring machine) including additional tactile probe.

Keyence Measurement System



with our digital profile projector.

The simple operating concept user-independent measurements are possible without measuring fluctuations.


We treat surfaces by sand or glass bead blasting. The surface quality can be optimized by machine deburring or polishing.

Everything from a single source ...

Electroplating and more

Surface treatment is achieved in collaboration with long-time partner companies. Highest quality galvanic and chemical surfaces are produced through galvanizing, copper plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, tin plating or anodizing. Further chrome passivation is also possible.

Paint & Powder

Colored surfaces are accomplished by our suppliers with paint or powder coating.

Heat treatment

Almost all treatments, such as annealing, hardening, case hardening, carburizing, annealing, nitriding and nitrocarburizing (Tenifer) are possible.

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