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The trademark for high quality medical instruments since 1948...

CHIRMED ® has founded in 1946 specializing since 1948 in the manufacture of high-quality medical instruments. As an independent company near Cracow all instruments are manufactured in our own production.

CHIRMED ® instruments are among the best products on the market and are used worldwide, for example in Japan, the US, Mexico, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Innovation is very important to CHIRMED ®, the product range is constantly expanding. In direct collaboration with the Clinic of the Jagiellonian University of Krakow and other clinics.

The preparation is carried out with highly modern production technology and solid craftsmanship.

Precise, functional and perfectly designed instruments of the highest quality are the result.

For the manufacture of instruments of high-alloy stainless steel CHIRMED ® stainless steel of the highest purity from Solingen is used. This surgical stainless steel is through comprehensive surface treatment completely sterilized.

Furthermore, CHIRMED ® manufactures a wide range of instruments also made of titanium. The advantages:

- Extremely long service life and usability
- Lightweight and noble appearance
- High strength with relatively low density
- Excellent corrosion resistance
- Highest resistance to body fluids
- Resistant to crevice corrosion
- Resistant to sterilization
- tissue compatible and biocompatible
- Virtually non-magnetic

The instruments are distributed exclusively by us in Germany.

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