Ferdinand Feinwerktechnik GmbH, Kilianstaedter Strasse 27-29, 61137 Schoeneck
Overall View

Hall 1. Assembly, warehousing and energy supply. Here we are since 1997. 400 sqm.
Hall 1

Hall 2. Management, parts manufacturing and movement of goods. Here we are since 2007. 600 sqm.
Hall 2

Parts Manufacturing. CNC machining centers, CNC lathe and conventional machines.
Parts Production

Movement of goods. Goods receiving and dispatch.
Packing, Shipping

Component production...

Processing center Hurco VMX24. Traverse path XYZ 610x510x610 mm Table surface 760x510 mm Piece weight up to 900 kg 10-10,000 R/min 24 fold tool changer, Spindle drive 7.5 kW.
Processing centers

CNC lathe DMG CTX 310 ecoline. Rotation options: Round Ø max 330mm, turning Ø 200mm max, transverse stroke (X) 160mm, Longitudinal (Z) 450 mm, bar passage Ø 51 mm, speed up to 5000 rpm, spindle drive 16,5 kW, 12-station tool changer with 12 driven tool stations, control SIEMENS 840D.
CNC lathe

3D coordinates measurement machine OPTOMESS C 150. Video and PC supported measurement microscope. Measurement path XYZ 300x150x100 mm, Enlargement 15-100 fold, With tactile measurement keys. Resolution 0.001mm, Exactness U1=3 + L/100 (X, Y, Z).
3D measurement


Keyence Video MeasurementVideo Measurement


Precision assembly. Bright and well maintained rooms for precision mechanics and clockmaker work.
Precision assy

Precision assembly. Individual workplaces with devices and testing devices.

Cable confection - Crimp - Coaxial - Electronic Components
Cable confection

Test device construction. Summary of the testing devices for the calibration of an electromechanical instrument.
Test Device

Temperature test. Calibrated testing bath and control devices for the simultaneous end test of several temperature sensors for aeronautics.Temperature Test


Industrial Assembly. Assembly of serial devices and machine components.Industrial Assy

Preliminary assembly. Row workplace with prepared installation for the production of a component.Assembly line

Knee lever presses. Toggle lever workplaces for various applications. For example housing frames for aeronautic electronics.
Joint Presses



RPM indicator. Aeronautics instrument with two displays for helicopters. Electromechanical drive with transmission gearing.
RPM indicator for

Control unit, as a pre-assembled module for installation in a machine-system module. Housing powder coated.Control unit

Frame for aeronautics electronics. Aluminium alloy, chromed yellow. Produced of full material, initial weight 3 kg, finished weight 150 g.
Frame for

Doubling cuvette for dental technology. For plastics moulding technology. For the production of partial or total plastic prostheses.
Doubling cuvette
Dental technology

Frontplate, CNC milled aluminum alloy, yellow chromated.Frontplate

Machine element, prepared as an assembly for a mechanical system module.System Element

Precision mechanical individual parts. Lathing and milled parts. CNC processing and conventional production. Steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and plastic. With and without surface treatment.
mechanical parts

Heatsink. Milled aluminum, chromated.

Components mechanical engineering. From individual parts of our production, zinc plated and powder coated.

Dental devices. Unit with integrated vacuum pump and accessories for a special technology for the production of dental prostheses.

Adjusting with drive motor and ball screw. Aluminium parts from our own production, natural anodized.Adjustment

Mechanical individual parts. Produced of full material, moulded or fusible parts. Galvanized, nickel plated, chrome plated, anodised and blank.
mechanical parts

Components for aeronautics. From individual pieces to the ready to assemble motor. Completely assembled and adjusted.
Assembled motor
for aeronautic

Testbox for work in the test lab. Application: Aerospace System supplier.Testbox

Mechanical engineering console. Welded construction made of steel, anthracite grey powder coated.
Mechanical element

Temperature switch. For applications in the measurement and control technology. For example as temperature monitors for drying facilities in industrial paper printing.
Temperature switches

BBase plate for the electronics housing. Use in aviation. Aluminum alloy yellow chromated.Bottom frame

Embedded forms. Forms for embedding samples in material inspections. Lathed from PTFE or produced in cast moulding procedure of special PP.
Embedded forms for metallography

Flange for metrology. Aluminum glass-bead blasted and anodised.Flange

Metallography. Devices and aids for material inspections. Light device for polymerisation of plastics under UV light, Sample demoulder for the unbedding as well as embedded forms.

Carrier plate made of stainless steel. Completely made on CNC lathe with driven tools.Turned Part
Stainless Steel

Wheeled test rack for maintenance in aviation.
Test Rack

Motor housing made of aluminum, anodised. For general engineering.Motor housing

Mechanical engineering elements. Steel construction welded with appropriate covering plate, anthracite grey powder coated.
powder coated

Temperature sensor. Made of individual parts completely assembled and tested with final protocol.
Temperature sensors

Display housing Exterior. Completely made as part pilot series of solid material.Display housing

Display housings Interior. Milled in several machining operations of aluminum solid material.Display housing

Housing parts for aeronautics. Aluminium alloy, yellow chromed. Produced of full material.
Housing part for

Gas distributor for mechanical engineering. Aluminum alloy gold anodized.Gas distributor
Aluminium anodized

Test chamber built with program computers to customer specifications.
Test chamber für customer

Carrier plate for use in civil aviation. Aluminum alloy yellow chromated.Carrier plate

Motor unit for driving a rotational adjustment. Carrier plate from in-house production, hard-coated aluminum.Motor unit

Motor console for CNC measuring machine. Black anodized aluminum.Motor console

Support frame as a mount for printed circuit boards. Use in aviation. Made of solid material, yellow chromated.Support frame

Assembly for a machine element. Finished subassembly assembled for the next mounting step.Module


Machine element preassembled as a subassembly for a system module.Machine element

Machine components. Unit for monitoring end switching points. Produced from parts of our own construction or purchased parts. Completely wired and tested.
Machine component

Pneumatic unit  preassembled.
Pneumatic unit



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