What our customers produce...

We participate in many of our customers' products. A small excerpt of what our customers produce:

InduIndustrial Metrologystrial Metrology    Gas Meter  

Products and services for all industrial metrology applications in industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy and medical technology.
Furthermore, measurement technology along the entire gas supply chain.

We supply parts and assemblies.


A350Airplane equipmentAirplane equipment

Digital and analogue display devices and their sensors for the complete flight and engine monitoring, electronic systems (e.g. for monitoring and control of passenger and freight doors).

Our part: individual parts, components and complete devices.


Cutting torchOxygen cutting machines Oxygen cutting machines

Portable, console, medium and large machines for laser, plasma, water radiation, autogenous technology for all metal cutting processes.

Our contribution: individual parts, welding constructions and components.



Packing machinePacking machines

Packing machines Individual machines and complete production lines for the fully automatic packaging of sweets and long life bakery products.

Our part: individual parts according to component drawings.



Chain pChain technologyrocessing technologyConveyor Technology

Conveyor chains, cardan joint chains, special chains, drive chains, sprocket chain gears and components for conveyor technology.

Our work includes individual parts according to sketches and drawings.


Devices for dental technology

Dentistry and Dental technologySystems for dental prosthesis

Products for dentistry, dental technology and dental hygiene. Among many others, the acrylic casting technique for the production of partial and total dentures and denture prostheses.

Our part: mould cuvettes whi
ch we develop and manufacture.



Drying channelMeasurement and control Measurement and control technologytechnology

Monitoring devices for temperature, current, flow, level and pressure.

Our part: temperature switches which we develop and produce.



Mounting cupsMetallographyMetallography

Special plastics for the material inspection as well as devices and processing aids.

Our part: light devices, embedded forms and sample deformers developed and produced in-house.




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