Design 3

Realize your idea...

Or make your product attractive...

We are waiting for your idea or your task. We turn your idea into a product.

Or we make your product more attractive with more powerful features.

And you can reduce manufacturing costs of your product or add new functionalities to the product.

We can design, develop and engineer complete units for you, from detailed drawings to all related documentation.
If required, with specified or legally required approvals for the product.


In the conception phase, as the project phase between idea generation and planning, we are mainly concerned with the project result to be achieved and the possible ways to achieve it.

The execution of preliminary studies or feasibility studies are part of the conception. We divide the conception into two phases, the rough and the detailed conception. For complex projects we divide the conception according to technical aspects.

This is how we proceed:

  • Creative meetings and brainstorming sessions
  • Proposals for conceptual development
  • Partial modeling of the developed solutions
  • Exchange with you, the customer, to optimize the conceptual design and incorporate your feedback
  • Analysis of the individual solutions on the basis of the specifications and creation of an idea booklet as a result
  • Analysis of the required manufacturing technologies and materials
  • Creation of a model for the presentation of the conceptual elaboration
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