Grundsatz 3

Our corporate principles

The value of our company is to be judged solely by the amount of benefit we offer our customers and society.
We can only achieve an exceptionally high value of our company if the greatest possible mutual benefit is realized. Our company with all its employees must provide benefits in order to receive reciprocal benefits.

We develop, produce and distribute products in which the set requirements are always met, usually even exceeded. Nevertheless, we take into account the principle of concentrating our work on what is necessary (as much as necessary, instead of as much as possible) in order to achieve the required result.

We consistently focus on the needs of our customers and business partners. We fulfill the wishes and solve the problems of our customers. Our customers are our partners. You decide about the success of our company. A satisfied customer will reward the service we provide with the corresponding service in return and will ask us for new tasks.

We work on increasing the value of our company to permanently strengthen our independence. Our company has to provide an economic service. The ability to continuously improve all services, secure and create jobs depends on its earning power. Cost structures must be constantly reconsidered from the point of view of cost reduction. Similarly, services received by our company must be constantly reviewed in terms of their value and the consideration we demand.

Our company forms a social community in whose operational environment every employee should feel comfortable. Every employee should recognize, understand and agree with our company’s objectives, conduct and methods of operation. The goal-oriented cooperation of all employees is the capital of our company. The success of our company depends on its performance and development capacity. Both require the commitment and initiative of all employees as well as their qualifications and motivation.

We therefore promote training and development as a joint task for the company and its employees. Our company needs good employees who, with their professional and personal qualifications, are prepared to pass on their knowledge and the results of their performance to other employees without reservation so that they can also draw on the knowledge and results of others.

Sincerity, mutual trust and team spirit must exist among all employees. The realization of individual good ideas and innovations of the employees and the implementation in the team are important, so that common goals are reached with teamwork. As the basis for the healthy development of our company, honesty and reliability must be among the essential characteristics of all employees.

The ability to be self-critical, to recognize and examine grievances and mistakes, and the unreserved will to learn and draw from them are prerequisites for further development. This must be and remain a basic principle.

It must be an overriding task to secure the company’s long-term existence and to work on permanently strengthening its independence. Permanence is to be ensured by these principles, by qualified management and by a corporate objective that corresponds to the understanding of the times.