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Precise industrial precision instrumentation

Our production range includes, for example, equipment for aviation, dental technology, defense technology and metallography. Some of them are from our own development or are manufactured by us according to customer’s requirements.

Aviation equipment

For avionics we produce display devices and sensors for cockpit engine monitoring.

Here we support our customers supplying systems for flight control as well as cockpit and display systems, utility systems, cabin management systems and engine control.

End customers are large aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer or Airbus Helicopters. In the military segment, our customers are involved in the development and series production of equipment systems for the Tornado, Eurofighter, Eurocopter Tiger and NH90 platforms in conjunction with European partners. Our equipment spectrum for new production and overhaul includes, for example:
  • Single speed indicator
  • Multiple speed indicators
  • Supply indicator
  • Temperature indicator
  • Pressure indicator
  • Multiple Torque Indicator
  • Temperature transmitter
  • Temperature switches
  • Stock generator
Production or repair is carried out according to specifications, with serial number management and the necessary documentation. An acceptance test report is prepared for all equipment and is part of the scope of delivery.
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Dental equipment

For dental laboratories we produce devices and aids from our own development. For example, for the production of plastic prostheses.

Our range of products and services also includes complex process equipment that has been successfully launched on the market following extensive development and testing phases.

Dental technology is an important part of dental treatment. In this craft, in an independent dental laboratory or as part of a dental practice, all types of dental prostheses are manufactured. These include dental crowns, bridges, partial and full dentures. But also inlays, so-called grinding splints as well as splints for jaw fractures or mouth guards for certain sports. Our possibilities
  • Casting flasks
  • Accessories for plastic casting
  • Duplicating equipment
  • Steam blasting equipment
  • Polymerization equipment
  • Tools and equipment
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Equipment for metallography

Light curing is the gentlest way to prepare a specimen for further preparation, because curing takes place under cold UVA light.
The low polymerization temperature and high transparency of light-curing resins make this method irreplaceable, especially for the examination or preparation of sensitive microparts and temperature-sensitive materials.

Our high-performance light polymerization unit with microprocessor-controlled interval switching was developed for this application. It is specially designed for the safe and controlled curing of light-curing plastics in polypropylene embedding molds.

The unit is equipped with 6 lamps emitting long-wave UV-A in the range of 350-400nm. The emitters are positioned in such a way as to ensure optimum irradiation of the entire interior and thus of the embeddings. Large-volume embeddings can be easily cured in our polypropylene embedding molds. The polymerization of the embeddings is controlled by the interval switching in such a way that low temperatures are given and no tensions arise in the plastic.

UV-A irradiation has been chosen as an effective energy source to ensure that the plastics can be processed for any length of time, both in daylight and under artificial lighting.

The device is designed in such a way that the user can choose any desired type of irradiation and time sequence. In particular, the interval circuit, in which each irradiation is followed by a pause, allows a defined curing temperature to be predetermined. Within the interval circuit, the embeddings are irradiated by the lower and lateral radiators. In order to ensure absolutely reliable curing of the entire investments, a final full irradiation with all 6 lamps is automatically switched on for a fixed time of 5 minutes after the end of the interval irradiation.

A curing time of 30 – 60 minutes is usually considered sufficiently fast by the user. Within this time frame, the peak temperature can be kept in the range of 50 – 70°C. This ensures very good metallographic results.

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Devices for defense technology

A high-precision temperature switch was developed for special applications in defense technology.

The device was approved for the intended use after extensive qualification tests.

The tests included thermal cycling and vibration. The shaker used for this purpose was set as follows:

5g rms noise, 10-2000Hz with superimposed temperature change from -30°C to +140°C each 4h cold / 4h hot. After each 100 hours of shaker operation, the plate with the temperature switches was changed to the next axis. A total of 3x100h were run.

24V voltage was applied to the contacts. With regard to the switching behavior of the temperature switches after 100 hours in the third axis (i.e. a total of 300 hours), no abnormalities were detected.

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